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People are saying...

"I can't wait to try these [samplers]. I have heard nothing but good things about your teas!"

-- Helen Kuhns, Virginia Beach, Virginia


"Your teas look amazing. I can't wait to try them all and come back for more. Bookmarked."

-- Andrew Harris, Urbana, Illinois


"Looking forward to the tea - enjoyed the samples I ordered a couple weeks back and can't wait to share with colleagues and friends too."

-- Jonathan Hammersley, Gray, Kentucky


"I cannot wait to try these. I am a tea lover and these flavors sound great!"

-- Jennifer Daneault, Fort Drum, New York

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Darjeeling Tea Charity Fundraiser for Susan G. Komen FoundationGourmet Tea from around the Globe

What makes a good cup of tea?

A good cup of tea is a long process. It begins in tea estates in China, India, Africa and South America and ends in your own kitchen. Cured tea leaves travel throughout the world and are steeped in kitchens of restaurants, coffee houses, and families like ours.

A great tasting cup of tea starts with quality plants in ideal growing climates. It continues with the workers who harvest the leaves at just the right moment. The tea is then cured through a wide variety of methods, including heating, drying and milling. Flavor may be added with herbs, fruits and plants. Finally, your cup is steeped in your kitchen at the right temperature for the right length of time.

A good cup of tea is an individual taste. It's not finished until you complete the process. You may choose to complete your cup with an accompaniment of milk, cream, sugar, lemon or honey.

Tea Estate in China

What makes a great cup of tea?

We believe that enjoying a cup of tea is a good experience. A great experience is when you enjoy that cup knowing that it was prepared in an environmentally friendly, socially ethical, and personally rewarding experience.

Kungaloosh was founded with that great cup of tea in mind.

Eco-friendly: Kungaloosh is a minimalist company. We use the absolute minimum in terms of packaging, and constantly try to improve to give our customers a great experience without damaging the earth in the process. We focus on reducing consumption, recycling, and using replenishable resources.

Socially conscious: The highest quality teas grow in some of the world's poorest nations. You can buy tea from Kungaloosh knowing that the workers and their families received fair wages, had excellent working conditions, and that no child labor was used.

Your personal cup: The final step in a great tea drinking experience happens in your kitchen. We know that tea is more than a beverage to many.

Kungaloosh is here to help make your cup personally rewarding. First, you'll know that the beverage you enjoy every morning or every evening is doing something positive for the environment and for the people who helped bring you that cup.

Our website will help you choose a type of tea to match your taste. You'll find tips on brewing, recipes, and tea drinking traditions from around the globe. We hope you'll be able to find your own perfect cup.

We encourage you to read throughout our website for more information about how we grew our company based on these qualities and values that make a cup of tea great.

ChariTea update

It's October again.  We raised money all year, by donating $1.00 per bag of every bag of Margaret's Hope Darjeeling to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Each October we repackage the best seller as Diane's Darjeeling in memory of a family friend we lost to breast cancer.  Help us this month, and all year round by purchasing Diane's Darjeeling and Margaret's Hope. 

You can also make direct donations at Komen.org.

Pass this link: Kungaloosh.com/pink to help us even further.

New: Loose Leaf Tea Samplers... on sale for $3.95 ea with free shipping!

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Social Consciousness

"Loved my first order of tea - looking forward to trying some different flavors!"

– Tim L. Walker, Barrie, Ontario

"I'm very impressed by the quality of [the] tea. I bought a double sample pack last time I ordered intending to give it to my girlfriend, but I ended up drinking most of the tea..."

-- Michael D., Escondido, California

"Very awesome deal, thank you oh so very much. My family and I will love this."

-- Eli Carpenter, Grand Junction, Colorado