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"I get really excited about good tea. Good people drink tea. This is true."

-- Jon Hofman, Holland, Michigan

Environmentally Friendly Tea Company

Tea from China, Africa, India, South America and Sri Lanka


Kungaloosh Gourmet Tea Company

We at Kungaloosh want you to enjoy the finest quality teas you've ever tasted. Additionally, we want you to be proud, as we are, in the kind of company that brings that tea to your door.

We are convinced that offering a great product isn't enough. We believe in corporate responsibility to our earth, to our community, and finally to our customers.

We are environmentally conscious...

Kungaloosh tries to leave the smallest footprint possible at every step in the process of bringing you terrific products.

In packaging: We use a minimal amount of packaging that insures our customers receive fresh product. Many tea companies pack everything into tins, boxes, cellophane and plastic. The vast majority of the tea we sell is shipped packed in paper containers. Paper is still one of the most recyclable and replenishable resources. We take this a step further by using recycled paper with high postconsumer content whenever possible.

In our products: Even our tea bags are more environmentally friendly than our competitors. Most tea bags are made of nylon mesh. Our tea bags are made of paper which biodegrades naturally in a matter of days compared to dozens of years with nylon. Some of our decaffeinated teas use a unique process that removes caffeine without any chemical byproducts. All of our flavored teas are created using only natural flavors with no added colors.

In marketing: Kungaloosh is a web-based company. We strive to remain virtually paperless where possible. Our executives don't even carry business cards, we carry tea samples. We let our products speak for themselves rather than use flashy printed materials. Finally, even websites leave a footprint, so at Kungaloosh we purchase carbon offsets proportional with our server electricity usage.

In our facilities: Our packaging and distribution center in Pennsylvania has committed to finding ways to reduce, recycle and reuse. You may receive packages from our company with names of our vendors stamped on the sides. You may even find some from Amazon.com or other retailers because our employees use our office as a way of recycling and reusing. Recently we are proud that we've been able to cut electricity used for lighting by 85%.

Meet our Director of Green


We are socially conscious...

Many of our tea products come from China, India, Sri Lanka, and a variety of African and South American nations.

Often products from these nations are tainted with the stigma of unethical labor practices and corporate greed.

Tea is different. Tea is grown on large farms called estates. These tea estates become more than workplaces, they are communities. Often the families that harvest tea live on the estate. The estate will provide a fair wage, and often they support the family by providing healthcare clinics, day care centers, elementary schools and housing.

When we started this business we realized that we had an opportunity to help employ families from a variety of cultures, traditions, ethnicities and socioeconomic groups.

We also realized that it was our responsibility to make certain that these workers were treated fairly. It was our responsibility to make sure that no child labor was involved.

We teamed up with the Ethical Tea Partnership, an organization based in London that monitors and audits tea estates. They advise estates on the benefits of fair labor and fair trade.

Finally, Kungaloosh wants to bring a little of these exotic cultures and traditions to our customers. We learn about the tea making process and we learn about the people who grow and cure the tea. We share this knowledge with our customers through our newsletter and on our website.

Meet our Director of Good


We are customer focused...

We're constantly asking ourselves "What can we do to improve the tea-drinking experience for our customers?" What we have found is that very little of the experience has to do with flavor.

Everyone can find a favorite flavor of Kungaloosh. But, not every flavor is for everyone. We recognize this and invite you to try a variety of our teas until you find the ones that you enjoy most.

The tea-drinking experience is more about the process. We provide you with information, accessories, and advice about your tea.

We also want you to feel great about the company that brings your daily cup.

Lastly, we want to help tea lovers connect with each other. Over the coming months we will offer more and more content on our website. We will be connecting with tea lovers through social networks online, and community events in person.

Meet our Director of Smile Fulfillment


We are proud to be a Pennsylvania company...

The owners and many of our employees were born and raised in Pennsylvania.

A state that was once a keystone of industry, from steel, coal, railroads and banking, Pennsylvania has struggled in the information age.

That's changing. Today Pennsylvania offers all the resources for a modern company such as ours. We're proud to employ people in a Pennsylvania facility, and proud to have strategic alliances with other companies from our state.

Our customers are worldwide. Our products come from across the globe. Our hearts, however are purely Pennsylvanian. We hope we demonstrate our pride through our attention to customer service and through our work ethic.

We love to hear from our customers... feel free to contact Kungaloosh.

Tea grown with fair labor practices