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On Giving Quietly


I've always believed that true charity is done quietly. When I founded Kungaloosh Gourmet Tea Co., part of our core philosophy included quiet philanthropy.

Diane's Darjeeling is unique for us, because we wanted to create a fundraiser that would exceed our ability to give directly.

We have an intensely loyal customer base, and we felt the opportunity to empower that group of people for the benefit of others.

Rather than give a percentage of profits, I wanted to create a program that puts our customers in charge of giving. We have created a corporate matching campaign is only limited by our customers willingness to give.

For someone who believes strongly in quiet giving, it's my great honor to shout this program from the rooftops.

I hope that you will enjoy drinking Diane's Darjeeling, and enjoy helping rid the world of the disease that took her life prematurely.

My very best,

Jason Tweed, Founder

Program Highlights

Special Thanks

We'd like to recognize a few individuals who've helped make this fundraiser possible.

Our team at Kungaloosh donated their time to package tea in our specialty pink bags.

Tracy Besek at Besek Photography provided the product photography on this page and on our flyer.

RITA award winning author, Deanna Raybourn, helped promote this fundraiser through her fan newsletter.

Special thanks go to Dawn Sandstedt Cooper, Diane's daughter and one of Kungaloosh's biggest fans.

Gourmet Tea You Can Feel EXTRA Good About

One of our best sellers, Darjeeling tea from Margaret's Hope tea estate, is being repackaged in honor of a longtime family friend.

Every October stores across the US feature Pink items to promote awareness and raise money for breast cancer research and treatment.

Kungaloosh Gourmet Tea Company will be honoring the women and men who've been affected by breast cancer with our own Pink product.

Diane's Darjeeling Gourmet Tea to Benefit Breast Cancer Research

Gourmet Tea in a Pink bag?

Yep. Our Diane's Darjeeling is exactly the same tea as our signature Darjeeling from Margaret's Hope. Absolutely, the only difference is the pink bag.

Every bag of Diane's Darjeeling sold makes a $1 or $2 donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the leading breast cancer research and awareness organization in the world.

Plus Kungaloosh will match each purchase with an additional $1.00 for each bag sold.

Is there a cap on the match?

No! We've stocked 100 bags of Diane's Darjeeling for immediate shipment. Our goal is to raise $1000 for breast cancer research, $500 from our customers and $500 as our corporate match.

So the more you buy, more match money is donated. Guaranteed.

When will the money reach the foundation?

Diane's Darjeeling will be available year round. Purchases made on this page will continue to raise money throughout the year, and we will report the progress monthly. Every year on January 1st we will tally up the totals and issue a check immediately. We will promote Diane's Darjeeling heavily in October each year in coordination with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

What if I want to donate more?

You'll be given the opportunity to donate an additional $5.00 at checkout.  If you would like to donate more, or if you would like to donate without ordering tea, we recommend donating directly to the foundation at www.komen.org.

I'm convinced, tell me about the tea.

Darjeeling is often considered the champagne of tea. It's grown in the Darjeeling region of India. Margaret's Hope is one of the most well known tea estates in the world, and well-respected for their ethical treatment of their workers.

The tea is available in two types, loose leaf tea and our earth-friendly tagless teabags. Each order contains either 25 tea bags or 100 g of loose leaf tea (about 50 servings).

The tea itself is exquisite. It takes sugar, honey or cream well. In India it is often consumed with milk. It also makes outstanding iced tea.

Money Raised so Far

Fundraiser Tea
Come back each day and watch our pink meter rise.

Order Below

Diane's Darjeeling Tea

Exquisite Darjeeling from Margaret's Hope in your choice of teabags or loose leaf.

Order Single Bag - $9.95

24 teabags or 100g loose, $1 donation

Order Double Bag - $16.95

48 teabags or 200g loose, $2.00 donation


Diane's Darjeeling
Tea-for-Me Gift Set

Give a single bag of Darjeeling tea with an adorable single-serving teapot and cup set, all dressed in pink. (Pictured)

A perfect gift for a survivor or support person.

Sold Out, Sorry

Single Bag of Diane's Darjeeling with pink Tea-For-Me Ceramic Set.

$5.00 donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Diane's Darjeeling
Tea-for-Two Gift Set

Everything you need for a tea party for two.

  • A single bag of Diane's Darjeeling
  • A 3-cup ceramic teapot
  • Two tea mugs
  • Ceramic sugar/creamer set
  • $10 donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Order this set - $35

About Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Since 1982, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® has played a critical role in every major advance in the fight against breast cancer - through awareness and treatment, they've turned millions of breast cancer patients into breast cancer survivors. Susan G. Komen for the Cure is the world's largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists. To date they've invested nearly $1.5 billion dollars to keep the promise Nancy G. Brinker made to her sister, Susan G. Komen, to do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever.

To learn more, visit www.komen.org.