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Loose Leaf Tea Samplers

Sampler Packs of our loose leaf varieties are now available. Whether you are interested in sampling our tea or simply want to try loose leaf tea for the first time, our samplers are an easy way to enjoy Kungaloosh gourmet tea.

Loose Leaf Tea Samples

Try our Loose Leaf Tea Super Sampler

Our Super Samplers are some of our most popular items for gift giving and our adventurous customers. Our Loose Leaf Super Sampler, like our teabag Super Samplers, contains five flavors of loose leaf tea chosen randomly from in-stock items. Each sampler contains at least one specialty tea, one flavored tea and an herbal infusion. Plus, as a BONUS, you'll get a 20-pack of our Earth friendly loose leaf tea filters.

Each loose leaf tea sample comes in a stay-fresh sample bag and includes enough loose leaf tea for 3-4 individual cups or one teapot full. Simply pour the contents into one of our loose leaf tea filters and brew in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Add cream, sugar or honey to taste.

Enjoy a few cups, or better yet, share it with a friend!

Loose Leaf Tea Samples Currently Available

Specialty Teas $3.95 ea.
Margaret's Hope Darjeeling (India) add to cart
Satemwa Estate (Malawi) add to cart
Superior Gunpowder Green (China) add to cart
Flavored Teas $3.95 ea.
Honey Flower add to cart
Honeymint add to cart
Vanilla Cream add to cart
Chai $3.95 ea.
"Karma Kream" Indian Spiced Chai add to cart
Herbal $3.95 ea.
Bumble Fruit add to cart
"Spicata" Spearmint add to cart
Loose Leaf Super Samplers $13.95
Five Loose Leaf Samples plus FREE gift add to cart


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