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Earth Friendly Teabags

At Kungaloosh we use the most environmentally sound packaging for our teabags.

Each teabag is made of paper (rather than nylon mesh like most grocery store bags) and are oxygen bleached rather than chemically treated.

Our bags have no tags, staples or strings.

Our boxes and storage bags keep your tea fresh without adding plastics to the landfill. Our unique Asian style containers offer the gift giver unique packaging without harming the environment.

Even our labels are made from 100% recycled paper, including 30% post-consumer paper.

-- Mike Elliot, Los Angeles

Loose Leaf Tea Samples

Kungaloosh Gourmet Teabags

Kungaloosh Gourmet Teabags
and Loose Leaf Tea

Finding your favorite flavors of tea can be an adventure. Even the finest teas in the world don't appeal to everyone. Kungaloosh wants to help you and your family travel the world of tea drinking with unique teas from around the globe.

Get started with our Super Samplers! Our teabag Super Samplers each contain five sample size bags of our gourmet teas. You'll get five servings (five teabags) each of five different blends. Choose a category then invite your friends to a tea tasting.

Super Samplers make great gifts. Not sure what to get your favorite tea lover? Now they can choose from five flavors, and they are all delivered in an attractive Asian gift box.

Loose Leaf Tea Sampler  NEW

Our Loose Leaf Sampler includes five high quality loose leaf teas from our current stock. You'll get approximately 20 cups of loose leaf tea with at least one specialty tea, one herbal infusion, and one flavored tea. See all of our loose leaf tea samplers if you prefer to order individually.

Each loose leaf super sampler contains five portions of loose leaf tea in a stay-fresh foil lined bag. Each bag contains enough tea for 3-4 cups or one medium teapot.

Free bonus: For a limited time, loose leaf super samplers also include a sample pack of our Earth friendly tea filters. You'll get a free 20 pack of filters, everything you need to try loose leaf.

Five Varieties for $13.95
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Specialty Teabag Sampler

Our Specialty Sampler includes tea from China, India, Sri Lanka and Africa. If you like traditional black tea, you'll love these luxury varieties. You'll receive five of our specialty teas. That's 25 teabags in all. We will select a variety from Assam, Darjeeling, Keemun, Kambaa, Irish Breakfast, Green Tea, Gunpowder Green and Orange Pekoe.

Five varieties for $13.95
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Flavored Teabag Sampler

Our Flavored Sampler includes five different sample packs of our unique flavored blends. That's 25 teabags in all. We will choose a selection of black and green teas flavored with fruits, herbs and petals. All are teas use natural flavorings only. Your Super Sampler will include flavors such as Apricot, Strawberry, Vanilla Cream, Icewine, Black Currant, Jasmine, Passion Fruit, and Orange Spice among others. You'll also receive unique blends such as Earl Grey, Monk's Blend or Chai. You're sure to find some favorites.

Five flavors for $13.95
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Herbal Teabag Sampler Caffeine Free

Our Herbal Infusions are wonderful beverages that are naturally caffeine free. Each infusion is pure herbal flavor, with no traditional tea leaves. The herbal infusions can be steeped alone or with traditional tea. You'll receive five unique flavors including Lemongrass, Peppermint, Spearmint, Chamomile and Rooibos. That's 25 teabags in all.

Five herbals for $13.95
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Decaffeinated Teabag Sampler Decaffeinated Tea

Sometimes you want all the tea flavor without the caffeine. Our decaffeinated teas are naturally decaffeinated using CO2 rather than chemical processes. This helps to remove the caffeine without removing flavor. Unlike decaf coffee, tea does not need flavor added after the decaffeinating process. Our Decaf Sampler contains some traditional and flavored teas to help you find your favorite blend without the buzz. That's 25 teabags in all.

Five decaffeinated teas for $13.95
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Iced Tea Jumbo Teabag Super Sampler Organic Tea

Our Jumbo Teabags are perfect for making iced tea for friends. Each teabag contains 30 grams of tea and will make between one and two gallons depending on strength. Each Super Sampler box contains five jumbo teabags, chosen from our six certified organic iced tea flavors; Abaco Club, Bella Coola, Berry Berry, Mango Black, Hibiscus Revive and Lemon Green.

Five jumbo teabags for $13.95
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Mega Sampler

20 varieties for only $39.95
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Teabag Tongs

Teabag Squeezer

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