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About Our Teabags

At Kungaloosh we use the most environmentally sound packaging for our teabags.

Each teabag is made of paper (rather than nylon mesh like most grocery store bags) and are oxygen bleached rather than chemically treated.

Our bags have no tags, staples or strings.

Our boxes and storage bags keep your tea fresh without adding plastics to the landfill. Our unique Asian style containers offer the gift giver unique packaging without harming the environment.

Did you know?

One billion servings of tea are consumed each day, worldwide. If you attached a 4 inch string to each, teabags would use 62,000 miles of string every day.

Please don't get us started on staples!

"Y'all's teas are the BEST we have ever tasted. The aroma, freshness, taste and overall quality of your teas are without equal. We Texas tea-lovers are SO glad you have furnished us with this excellent refreshment!"

-- Lynne and Bob Phillips, Waxahachie, TexasFree shipping on tea orders

Over 50 varieties of Gourmet Tea

Finding your favorite flavor of Kungaloosh is easy, and completely risk free!

All 50+ of our flavors are available in a five serving sample pack. Each sample comes with our "You'll Love It" guarantee. Order a sample, and if you don't love it, we will send you a free sample of another flavor.

Once you find your favorites, come back and order boxes for you and your friends. Each box contains two dozen servings. Each box also comes with a free sample of another flavor.


ChariTea News: It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Kungaloosh is fundraising for Susan G. Komen for the Cure by offering our Diane's Darjeeling packaged in pink!

Learn more at Kungaloosh.com/pink

Click on the name to learn more or click the price tag for a quick order.

  Gourmet Loose Leaf Single Bag Double Bag
  Flavors ~50 Servings ~100 Servings
Canadian Tea Bumble Fruit Caffeine Free $11.95 $17.95
Sri Lanka Earl Grey   $9.95 $15.95
Sri Lanka Earl Grey Decaffeinated $10.95 $16.95
Sri Lanka Honey Flower   $11.95 $17.95
India Karma Kream Indian Chai   $11.95 $17.95
India Margaret's Hope Darjeeling ChariTea $9.95 $15.95
United States Piperita Peppermint Caffeine Free
$9.95 $15.95
Malawi Satemwa Estate   $9.95 $15.95
Japan Shizuoka Japanese Sencha Green
$9.95 $13.99
United States Spicata Spearmint Caffeine Free $11.95 $17.95
China Superior Gunpowder Green Top Seller $11.95 $17.95
Sri Lanka Vanilla Cinnamon   $9.95 $15.95
Sri Lanka Vanilla Cream   $11.95 $17.95
  Earth Friendly Teabags Single Bag Samplers
  Specialty Teas 24 Pack 5 Pack
India Assam Valley   $9.95 $3.95
India Darjeeling ChariTea ™ $9.95 $3.95
Kenya Kambaa   $10.95 $3.95
China Ling Ling Keemun ChariTea $10.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Lover's Leap Orange Pekoe Top Seller $9.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Mother Earth Green Tea    $9.95 $3.95
China Gunpowder Green Tea   $10.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Earl Grey   $9.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Earl Grey Decaffeinated $10.95 $3.95
Zimbabwe Irish Breakfast Decaffeinated $11.95 $3.95
Kenya Queen Mum English Breakfast Decaffeinated $10.95 $3.95
  Flavored Teas 24 Pack 5 Pack
Sri Lanka Apricot Decaffeinated $9.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Strawberry Decaffeinated $10.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Lizanne's Black Currant Decaffeinated $9.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Monk's Blend Decaffeinated $10.95 $3.95
China Jasmine Green    $10.95 $3.95
India Karma Kream Indian Chai   $12.95 $3.95
Canada Niagara Icewine   $10.95
Sri Lanka Orange Cranberry   $9.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Orange Spice  $10.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Passion Fruit   $10.95
Sri Lanka Peach Apricot   $9.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Vanilla Cream Top Seller  $9.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Chocolate Chip Mint   $9.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Raspberry   $9.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Wild Blackberry   $9.95 $3.95
  Herbal Teas 24 Pack 5 Pack
Egypt Tranquility Chamomile Caffeine Free $9.95 $3.95
South Africa Ruby Rooibos Caffeine Free $9.95 $3.95
Guatemala Luminosity Lemongrass Caffeine Free $8.95 $3.95
United States Piperita Peppermint Caffeine Free $9.95 $3.95
United States Spicata Spearmint Caffeine Free $9.95 $3.95
  1 Gallon Iced Teabags 4 Pack Single
Egypt Hibiscus "Revive" Organic $9.95 $3.95
China Iced Sunshine Lemon Green Organic $9.95 $3.95
Sri Lanka Mango Black Organic
Top Seller
$9.95 $3.95
Guatemala Abaco Club Organic $9.95 $3.95
Thailand Bella Coola Organic $9.95 $3.95
Thailand Berry Berry Organic $9.95 $3.95

You can order online using our secure shopping cart, or call 1-888-418-9333 between 8am and 3pm EST time for same day shipping!

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