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Vanilla Bean

"I tried a sampler and so far we love the tea we tasted. This Vanilla Cream sounds very good."

-- Brian Pesch

Vanilla Cream

Premium Naturally Flavored Tea from Sri Lanka

Vanilla Cream Tea

Our Vanilla Cream tea starts with top quality Ceylon tea. We blend it with aromatic jasmine, sunflower and calendula petals. Our signature all natural vanilla flavorings will tease your taste buds.

This tea is designed for special occasions as well as being a dessert tea – but most drink it all the time because its taste is so delectable. In folk lore, vanilla is said to have 'magical' properties in that calm the nerves and lift the spirit as well as allegedly improving the romantic aspect of one's life.

Vanilla Bean Orchid

Vanilla Cream tastes like fine French vanilla ice cream.  This all natural cup of tea is the crowning jewel of mother nature's sweet touch. Combine the exotic character of vanilla with a velvet cream taste!

With one sip you'll agree, our Vanilla Cream can't be beat. It is so decadent and creamy on its own you'll swear it is as sweet as sugar!

Vanilla Cream is available as loose leaf tea or in our Earth friendly teabags.

Loose Leaf  
Vanilla Cream - Loose Leaf - Sampler - $3.95 Add to Cart
Vanilla Cream - Loose Leaf - 100g (50 servings) - $11.95 Add to Cart
Vanilla Cream - Loose Leaf - Double Pack (100 servings) - $17.95 Add to Cart
Vanilla Cream Teabag Sampler (5 servings) - $3.95 Add to Cart
Vanilla Cream Teabags - Single Bag - 24 servings - $9.95 Add to Cart
Vanilla Cream Teabags - Double Pack - 48 servings - $15.95 Add to Cart


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